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Valid points & I agree with some. Amy does deserve better and maybe she’ll go out and find it … in a roundabout, clever way. All I’ll say is A LOT can happen during hiatus. Who says she’ll wait? Who says she won’t flip on him when he comes back? And he maybe he is fine now, but he may not stay “fine” without her.

Sheldon is his own worst enemy and I’m hoping this bizarre journey will end up with him at her doorstep (or feet) visibly penitent and nervous. Ultimately, Amy’s love is a stronger force than Sheldon’s will, and I know I’ve said this before, but he will be the LAST to know. Because as brilliant as he is on paper, he’s an emotional moron! Until he grows up, acknowledges his feelings and commits, he’ll continue to spin into chaos.

pondiffrey asked:

Hey, I’m not here for the “sex picture” (blog about what you want dear). I just started to follow you because I read what you wrote about the season finale of TBBT. I’m a huge Shamy shipper myself and I love Amy, she’s my beloved princess. I wanted you to know that your reaction is the sanest thing I have seen today! I agree completely with all that you wrote. Tbh I was expecting this for them to happen. If you want to talk about it, I'll be happy to :)

Thanks and welcome! I do usually try to keep my cool during fandom freakouts, but I’ve been known to lose that battle myself from time to time. I love Amy too, isn’t she just the best? Smart, kind, generous, a little wacka-a-doodle too … I hope, one day, I can be as awesome as Mayim has made that character.

As for the saucy pic, I know that’s not every shipper’s cuppa. I posted it for myself. ;)